Peer Perfection: Kelley Lord

Around the end of my first semester in college, I quickly began to lose interest in studying music. I tried looking for some inspiration, both on and off-campus, that might help me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I never would have guessed I’d meet that inspiration so quickly.

At the same time, as a requirement for my theatre minor, I enrolled in Intro to Acting for the Spring 2013 semester. There, I met a senior broadcast journalism major named Kelley Lord.

Kelley was a production assistant for NBC Sports; which I remember thinking was pretty much the coolest thing ever.


Little did she or I know that her presence in my life, no matter how minute it may have been during our short time together at Fredonia, would have such a huge impact on my drive to become a successful journalist.

Kelley spent the summer between her junior and senior year at Fredonia bouncing between homes on Long Island while working one internship in Connecticut for NBCUniversal and another for IHeartRadio in New York City.

“I was really thirsty for New York City as soon as I got a taste of it, so there was really no turning back for me… Once I was in [New York City] I was like, ‘I’m with the big dogs. I see what they’re doing. I can do this one day.’ From there, I was itching. As much as I wanted to stay home and spend time with my family, it made me sick to think about putting my NYC dreams on hold.”

Finally, two years after graduating from college, all of her hard work has begun to pay off. At the perfect city-stomping age of 23, Kelley has earned herself a position as a junior producer at Elite Daily.


Kelley’s big city dreams really hit home for me.

I’ve always been an all-or-nothing kind of girl. If I decide to do something, I’m going to give it my all and then some. Mediocrity is just unacceptable.

Seeing Kelley go from our small-town, middle of nowhere school, to a working professional in the Big Apple, has been more than inspiring. I knew if she could make that happen, I could too.


Now, there’s nothing quite as exciting as getting advice from the people you look up to most. Kelley is the first of my role models to leave me with some pointers to help me follow in her footsteps.

She told me to remember the three P’s:


“Number one, for any career, is persistence. You have to be persistent trying to get a job. Anytime you think you’re being annoying, you just have to keep on people… Ask for the simplest things. Ask for them to take you around the office. Ask to work for free for the day.”


“As a journalist, I feel like you just have to go through so much shit before you get what you want. You have to take on so many little roles. When it comes down to it, you just have to love story telling and everything it embodies, no matter what position you are… If you are really all about storytelling, you won’t care what your position is at the moment, as long as you do it as best as you can.”


“Optimism is probably the number one reason why I’ve kept my job. In production, you’ll have long shoots, 10-hour shoots or 20-hour shoots sometimes. Having optimism; people love that. Everyone knows that person that complains too much and you don’t even want to hear that person talk. Being the opposite of that has definitely helped me keep some of my jobs and keep my sanity.”

(Keeping my sanity is definitely something I need to work on.)

Kelley, Thank you for taking time out of your hectic day, after running late getting home from work, to talk to me – little, freshman Meghan from Intro to Acting.

*All photos courtesy of Kelley Lord


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