Searching Near and Far

We’ve all been asked who our biggest inspirations are about 1,867 times.

Back in elementary school, it was our mom or dad. In middle school, we wanted to be some musician or movie star. And once high school rolled around, none of us really knew what we wanted to do with our lives and had no idea who to look up to.

While we spend our time trying to figure out who we look up to most, we tend to overlook some incredibly important people.

No, this isn’t some philosophical, “your biggest inspiration is yourself,” kind of thing.

I’m talking about the people you surround yourself with every single day — More specifically, the person who wants to be around you every single day.

They support you in everything you do; be it eating four trays of sushi in one day or applying to be an RA.

Nothing stops them from going on outdoor adventures with you… not even several feet of snow.

When you’re stuck in the office until 2 a.m., writing articles and finishing projects, they’re right there beside you.

They know what’s wrong when you’re feeling off, usually before you know for yourself.

Their cubical is your cubical.

Saul Bellow said, “You never have to change anything you got up in the middle of the night to write.”

It’s nearly 2 a.m. 

He’s right: I wouldn’t change the placement of a single period I’ve typed tonight. I wouldn’t change a single thing about the person it’s about either.

Every once in a while you meet a person who changes your life (even though they may not know it). They’re your inspiration to keep going on your toughest days and the strength you need to power through even the worst writer’s block.

Sometimes, your biggest inspirations are seven hours away in New York City, hosting the TODAY Show.

Sometimes, it’s the one person standing right beside you .

While I spend the duration of this blog searching for the journalists who inspire me most, I’ll never forget the one who has figuratively and literally dragged me out of bed and makes me want to better myself and my writing every single day. 

Happy 20th birthday, Becca.

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