Local Woman Named Best of The Best Friends


THAT’S RIGHT, FOLKS! You heard it here first! Meghan Guattery has been named Best of The Best Friends!

Really Great News published this article early Sunday afternoon:

Local Woman Named Best of The Best Friends

A local woman received the coveted Best of the Best Friends award and was presented with a rare and expensive mug to commemorate the occasion. ‘We’ve been through a lot together,’ a source close to her is quoted as saying ‘and most of it was her fault.’ A parade is scheduled for…”


In all seriousness: This year, my Valentine was perhaps my favorite journo of all time (see Searching Near and Far): Rebecca Hale.

We exchanged gifts a day late, but it was more than worth the wait.

Among the candy, notepad, mini-mug and bracelet, I also received this newsprint mug:


I am more than excited to sip coffee from it at 2 a.m. in the near future as I scurry to finish articles, blog posts and homework assignments.

(Check out all of the Really Great News products at Our Name is Mud.)


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