9 Ways To Spring Clean Your LIFE

Well, it’s spring break.

It’s spring break and I’m sitting on my bed in my empty house in Fredonia.

While I’ll be spending most of the week working at Red Lobster, I have every intention of getting a ton of school work done (so much for a break, right) and even, dare I say it, keeping my room clean for more than three days straight.

The mid-semester blues have certainly got ahold of me this time around and a little spring cleaning, in both my home and my life, is exactly what I need.

Thought Catalog

image - hmoongimage – hmoong

It’s spring! Hooray! (I say that now, but watch as it snows in Minnesota next week.) Either way, spring IS approaching, which means you need to get a jump start on spring cleaning. I’m not saying you need to scrub your home from top to bottom. You can do that, and you should, but you can spring clean your actual LIFE, too. And I looooooove cleaning, so let’s do this shit.

1. Attack your worst enemy – your inbox. If you’re like me, you’ve somehow amassed a collection of promo emails and don’t remember signing up for a lot of them. Unsubscribe. I like the Unroll.me site for this; you can unsubscribe so easily and get that inbox back to more manageable size quickly. Please don’t be that person with 1600 unread emails. That’s so stressful for me to see on your phone.

2. Pause your social…

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