7 Smart Ways To Avoid Overspending While Traveling

In 16 days, the Fredonia chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists is hittin’ the road. Nine of us will cram ourselves into a University van, overdose on Dramamine and travel nearly 500 miles to Chicago, Illinois.

We’ll be sitting in on a page one meeting at the Chicago Tribune.

The Onion (perhaps one of my favorite news outlets) is allowing us to meet with some writers for a Q&A.

We even get to visit WBEZ, Chicago’s NPR station!

Can you tell I’m a little excited?

Not only do I get to travel to a city and state I have never been to, I get to do it alongside my fellow journos and some of my best friends. I could not be any more thankful to have these people in my life and to have the opportunity to travel and grow with them.

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1. Create An Itinerary (That’s Somewhat Clear):

Open up an Excel spreadsheet or pull out a napkin with a pen and then start mapping out what you’ll need to buy for your trip and break down the budget that you’d like to stick to. This is going to give you a goal to hit and be the most important part of avoiding overspending and staying happy while you are spending money. It’s going to be hard to get much more than a rough budget built, but it’s much better than having nothing.

2. Research Accommodation Prices:

Using sites like Hipmunk, (full disclosure: I have done writing for them recently, but I’m not being paid to use their name. They are honestly a great website.) You can search for hotels in “X” city, let’s use San Francisco for instance, and then from there see what the low-end hotels look like…

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