This Is Why You Should Own Up To Your Regrets

Last night, our jam-packed 12-seater van pulled onto Ring Road after a 9-hour journey from Chicago to Fredonia. We returned to reality.

For just a moment, I lived in a huge city. I was where I want to be.

In the blink of an eye, it was all gone.

What if I had gone to school in a big city? Would I have become a journalist? Could I have had an easier time landing an internship? Would people notice me if I went to NYU or some other money-sucking prestigious school?

Life is full of “what ifs.” Ignoring them gets you no where; you never learn. Hanging onto them and letting them tear you down doesn’t help much either.

Admit your regrets and move on. Learn from your mistakes and allow them to help you become the best you that you can be.

Thought Catalog

Flickr / micadewFlickr / micadew

So often I hear people preaching that we should live our lives with no regrets. However, I disagree. I have regrets-hundreds, perhaps thousands. And so may you.

Regrets are how we learn. If you don’t regret a poor choice you made, or a mistake, the reality is that you’ll probably repeat them.

Have regrets. Own them. Forget this line of, “Live your life with no regrets”. Regret your screw-ups. Regret those missed opportunities. Regret that time you locked eyes with a person you really wanted to meet, but let them pass you on by. Go ahead and regret these things. With regret, comes knowledge. Learn from your regrets and remember them, so that you can side step the next potential window for regret.

Regrets are part of life. We don’t always make the right choices. Sometimes, we make mistakes- some big, some small. But every one of…

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