Third Stop: The Onion

While I mentioned this already in a previous reblog of Sarah’s post, the final media outlet of our trip was The Onion.


After we took a minute to get ourselves together – we were all a little jumpy from just the thought of being there – we were given a tour of the office where we saw desk after desk covered in papers and Four Loko cans. The entire office was covered in onions: from onion coffee mugs to fake plastic onion flowers.


Next we got to sit down with Mr. Seena Vali, Sports Editor of The Onion, and Mr. Ben Berkley, The Onion’s Managing Editor (I’m coming for your job Berkley).

Sarah did a pretty good recap of our chat with the editors already, so I’m just going to direct you to her site for that.


To top it all off, we got the best picture of the trip –



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