2015 COMM420 Bloggie Awards

During our final class of COMM420 (the reason behind the creation of this blog), Elmer passed out – well, threw – Snickers as he “presented” us with awards for our blogs!


The “Bloggie Awards,” as Elmer called them, go to:

Most Personal: Rob Burau – The Road to the Syracuse Nationals

Best Potential Niche: Jessica Colon – Here Fishy Fishy

Most Humorous: Sarah Fuller – The Conquest of Life

Most Truly Journalistic/Best Content: Meghan Guattery – People of the Press

Should Have Been Partners(1/2): Becca Hale – Healthy is a Lifestyle Choice

Most Original: Jared Hill – Foster as Films

Should Have Been Partners (2/2): Carly Knaszak – Armageddon Warriors

Most Delicious: Minju Kim – Easy Kooking Korean

Best Use Of Video/Most Views: Jess LaBella– JayNerf

Frantic Final Push: Val Musson – The Fredonia Voice

Most Thought Provoking: Veronica Penoyer – What If…

Most True To Its Original Intent/Best Content: Amanda Reimondo – A Bookworms Guide to Movies

Most Deceivingly Family-Oriented/Most Views Without An Established Audience: Lindsay Tomaka – Tuesdays with Mai Tai

Best Team Blog: Claire Woodcock – Indie Nuts


Thanks for the memories, COMM420! Best of luck to the graduating seniors, and I’ll see the rest of you in the Fall!



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