2015 COMM420 Bloggie Awards

During our final class of COMM420 (the reason behind the creation of this blog), Elmer passed out – well, threw – Snickers as he “presented” us with awards for our blogs!


The “Bloggie Awards,” as Elmer called them, go to:

Most Personal: Rob Burau – The Road to the Syracuse Nationals

Best Potential Niche: Jessica Colon – Here Fishy Fishy

Most Humorous: Sarah Fuller – The Conquest of Life

Most Truly Journalistic/Best Content: Meghan Guattery – People of the Press

Should Have Been Partners(1/2): Becca Hale – Healthy is a Lifestyle Choice

Most Original: Jared Hill – Foster as Films

Should Have Been Partners (2/2): Carly Knaszak – Armageddon Warriors

Most Delicious: Minju Kim – Easy Kooking Korean

Best Use Of Video/Most Views: Jess LaBella– JayNerf

Frantic Final Push: Val Musson – The Fredonia Voice

Most Thought Provoking: Veronica Penoyer – What If…

Most True To Its Original Intent/Best Content: Amanda Reimondo – A Bookworms Guide to Movies

Most Deceivingly Family-Oriented/Most Views Without An Established Audience: Lindsay Tomaka – Tuesdays with Mai Tai

Best Team Blog: Claire Woodcock – Indie Nuts


Thanks for the memories, COMM420! Best of luck to the graduating seniors, and I’ll see the rest of you in the Fall!



Third Stop: The Onion

While I mentioned this already in a previous reblog of Sarah’s post, the final media outlet of our trip was The Onion.


After we took a minute to get ourselves together – we were all a little jumpy from just the thought of being there – we were given a tour of the office where we saw desk after desk covered in papers and Four Loko cans. The entire office was covered in onions: from onion coffee mugs to fake plastic onion flowers.


Next we got to sit down with Mr. Seena Vali, Sports Editor of The Onion, and Mr. Ben Berkley, The Onion’s Managing Editor (I’m coming for your job Berkley).

Sarah did a pretty good recap of our chat with the editors already, so I’m just going to direct you to her site for that.


To top it all off, we got the best picture of the trip –


Second Stop: WBEZ

After a sprint though the rain – which quickly turned into me calling two cabs over for the nine of us – the journos made it to Chicago’s historic Navy Pier.


According to the Navy Pier’s website, the pier originally “opened as a shipping and recreational facility in 1916. Located on Lake Michigan, it has served many purposes throughout its rich history and currently encompasses more than fifty acres of parks, gardens, shops, restaurants, family attractions and exhibition facilities and is the top leisure destination in the Midwest, drawing nearly nine million visitors annually.”


Near the end of the pier – which sticks over 3,000 feet out above the water – we found ourselves at WBEZ NPR Chicago.


Here we had the opportunity to tour the recording studios and sit down with two of their staff members to talk a bit about the radio business.

(Side note: If I were smart – or just a tad less awestruck by the entire city – I might have thought to record these interviews so I would have a little more to share…)


But I got to touch an Emmy! So, that’s cool…


31 Fascinating Answers To Questions About Life, Happiness, Fear And More From The Vanity Fair Proust Questionnaire

My often narrow mindset, paired with my perfectionistic “just so” attitude, has always made me see the world around me as either this or that.

I am learning that the world is not just black and white.

One thing I’ve learned since beginning my journey as a journalist is that sometimes you have to look at things from multiple perspectives.

If you give the questions you face a second thought before acting upon your gut instinct, sometimes you can find there is a better (or even just another) answer.

Thought Catalog

Iakov KalininIakov Kalinin

What do you consider your greatest achievement? 
I’ve made only the movies I wanted to make.

-Robert Altman, Filmmaker

What is your current state of mind?

-Bill Blass, Fashion Designer

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
Waking up in the morning.

-Lauren Bacall, Actress

What is your favorite journey?
The ones I take in my head.

-Giorgio Armani, Fashion Designer

What is your idea of perfect happiness?
It’s never going to be absolutely perfect. There will always be something  you would change if you could.

-Aretha Franklin, Singer

Who are your heroes in real life?
No one should have heroes. It is degrading.

-George Carlin, Comedian

What is your motto?
Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. ” [Don’t let the bastards grind you down.]

-Margaret Atwood, Writer

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

-Johnny Cash, Musician

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

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Behind the Scenes of The Leader

A new issue of The Leader hits the stands every Wednesday.

For our readers, all it takes is a trip to the Williams Center, University Commons or one of the academic halls to get their weekly dose of news.

But, as future Managing Editor, lately I’ve been a part of the all-day layout process that consumes the Monday’s of our current Editor in Chief, Managing Editor and Layout Editor every week.

Our final issue of the year was distributed across campus today. To commemorate the occasion and give the outside world a look into the work and time that goes into making the paper, I made a short video of our layout night on Monday.

Best of luck to the seniors of The Leader: 

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

“First and 1/2” Stop: The Rocks of Tribune Tower

After our meeting at the Chicago Tribune, our group was headed to the WBEZ studios.

On our way we began to notice some strange rocks pressed into the side of the Tribune Tower. We walked past quite a few before we actually stopped to read the etchings next to each stone.


“Wait… Are they really from all of these places!?”

After conducting some further research, I discovered that yes, those rocks are indeed from countries and historical places from all over the world!


According to chicagoarchetecture.org, there are 149 stones embedded in the building. These tiny pieces of history made their way to Chicago from places as far away as the pyramids in Egypt and the Great Wall of China, just to name a few.


While running to beat the rain, I was only able to capture three of these beauties.

I feel as if I’m beginning to repeat myself a bit, but you’ll just have to take a trip to Chicago to see them all!

… or, for the sake of saving money, you can check out the complete gallery online.